Jamaal Charles- Chief of Running Backs Once Again


After tearing his ACL in the second game of last season, Jamaal Charles of the Kansas City Chiefs is starting to look like what he was two years ago.  In ’09 and ’10, Charles averaged 6.4 yards per carry and was one of the leagues most dominant running backs.  Last year, he went on injured reserve in week two- ending what some may have said would have been his prime season.  But Charles is trying to show that now is his prime, and his stats are agreeing with him- he already has 616 all-purpose yards and 3 touchdowns.  Back in week three, Charles noted about his 91 yard touchdown- “I kind of feel like the old me, especially breaking that long run and finishing it. It’s motivating me more that I still have my speed and I still can run the long ones.”

Though Charles seems to be back in his old form, he did have concerns about his surgically-repaired knee prior to week three.  “I didn’t trust myself (until Sunday).  It really hit me when I started getting the runs. I started trusting myself.”

NFL defenses, watch out.  The man who got the second most yards per carry of all time (behind legend Jim Brown) on you at one point is back and ready to tear you up again.


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